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Mixed Perennial Cut Flowers

Fragrant Narcissus (avail in March)

Gooseneck-Loosestrife (avail in July)

Flowers are a key addition to my farm’s beauty, habitat creation and offerings. Premium, cut-to-order, locally grown stems endure less transport miles, are conditioned for long vase life, are fresher hence live longer than imports, and support financially sustainable, Organic farming in Sonoma County. Thank you for selecting flowers from this farm or other growers in our region. 

The farm is located on Llano Rd.    in Santa Rosa, CA.

In an effort to co-promote localized flower purchasing I'm a founding member of The North Bay Flower Collective.

Purchase local stems at  Gather Sonoma Hub.

Geum (avail in April)

Goldenrod  & Heidi.jpg

Goldenrod (avail in July)

 Heidi With Dormant Bulb 

Why Perennials:   ​

  • Long term investment
      -single plant purchase with years of financial return

  • Reduced weeds with less soil disturbance

  • Sequester more carbon than annuals
      -with the massive root system and creation of your own mulching material

  • Increased long-term habitat above and below ground
      -nest and protection sites (carnivorous pest control)
      -predicable food/resource plant
      -supports undisturbed hyphae expansion and long-lived soil fungal networks

  • Predictable harvest window
      -ease of marketing and workload
      -predictable volumes, will increase incrementally

  • Annual effort is much less & less input intensive
      -no greenhouse successions, frantic plug-tray cycle

Long lived perennial plants are the focus at at my soil-based farm.   ​

  • Goldenrod

  • Rhubarb

  • Aster

  • Asparagus foliage

  • Hellebore

  • Gooseneck-Loosestrife

  • Fragrant Narcissus

  • Craspedia 'Billy Balls'

Northern Sea Oat (avail in October)

Goldenrod & Heidi.jpg
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