Flowers are a key addition to our farm’s beauty, habitat creation and offerings. Our premium, locally grown stems endure less transport miles, are conditioned for long vase life, are fresher hence live longer than imports, and support financially sustainable, Organic farming in Sonoma County. Thank you for selecting flowers from this farm or other growers in our region. 

The farm is located on Llano Rd.    in Santa Rosa, CA.

In an effort to co-promote localized flower purchasing I'm a founding member of The North Bay Flower Collective.

 Heidi With Dormant Bulb 

Purchase Tuberose:

I grow extremely fragrant tropical lilies with double-petals, a rare specialty in our region.  These long stemmed beauties peak in August, and produce terrific stems all the way until the first frost.  Strong Arm Farm acquired 10,000+ of these lily bulbs from an elderly farmer living in Santa Rosa who acclimated them to our region.  The Certified Organic stems are sold in the late summer and fall. 

Dormant bulbs ($1.50 each) are available in the winter.

Depending on annual abundance stems are sold at: