Seaweed & Tuberose

Strong Arm Farm is run by Heidi Herrmann in Santa Rosa, CA. 


 Hand harvested Sonoma Coast Seaweed and certified Organic fragrant Tuberose Lilies are our uncommon specialties.

- Heidi Herrmann


 Strong Arm Farm believes in sharing skills and educating. From native plant propagation, specialty cut flowers and sustainable seaweed harvesting, Heidi is an experienced teacher with a lot to offer.  Her public seaweed forays are popular summertime events each year.  

Seaweed Harvest and Education Tours with ForageSF

This two to three-hour guided morning foray will meet on a beach in Sonoma County, and be followed by a talk on the ecology of seaweed, and how to cook your harvest. You can expect to collect up to 10 lbs. of edible seaweed.  This is a DIY forage on the Sonoma Coast during low tide. You won't need to get in the ocean but wearing rain boots is recommended.  Tours start in the early-morning due to unique tidal access.

COVID adjustment: smaller group of 6-9 people, bring mask, sanitizer offered, distance easily respected

2020 dates:   July  6, 9, 20, 25   Aug 3, 19, 20, 21   Oct 17

Farmer's Market booth 'Fall Things Herbal' Fair at the Sebastopol Farmer's market

September 13, 2020

Purchase this summer's new seaweed harvest!  Plus bouquets and Tuberose stems.

There will be many herbal vendors augmenting the usual Sunday Farmer's Market, the town-park will be full with 20-30 additional herbal vendors.  approx 10-2pm

Sebastopol, CA  Sonoma County in California, USA

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