Sustainably Harvested Sonoma Coast Seaweeds


Make this nutrient dense food a part of your daily food choice.  We harvest the seaweed by hand in the summer months along the Sonoma coast, and dry it for your year-round enjoyment.

Deliciously edible seaweed varieties flourish in the icy, oxygen-rich waters of the rough-and-ragged Sonoma coastline.  Collecting occurs early in the mornings on May and June low tides.  The collected algae are rinsed and dried on screens in the sun.  Strong Arm Farm triple-rinses the seaweed we collect for your eating enjoyment.

Learn more about seaweed on our seaweed fact sheet.

Types of Seaweed:

Kombu Seaweed (photo credit GoodEggs)Kombu
(Laminaria) The best in soups of all kinds (miso, chicken, chili, curry, Japanese dashi stock, etc.) The silky algin/alginates of this seaweed act as a thickening agent and help break down fibers in beans.  Kombu has the highest content of naturally occurring glutimates, which imbue a satisfying umami taste.

Nori Seaweed (photo credit: GoodEggs)Nori
(Porphyra/Pyropia) Very mild, thin, iridescent when wet, and particularly high in protein. Can be toasted and crumpled into small flakes and easily added to dishes like a spice. Or massage with oil and flavorings for a kale-chip-esque experience.

Harvested in minor quantity:

Strong Arm Farm Seaweed in storesBladderwrack
(Fucus) Particularly rich in Iodine. Sought after by herbalists.

(Alaria) Traditional use in seaweed salads, high in calcium.

Sea Palm (Postelsia) Delicious ribbed ribbons with mild flavor, great raw.

Harvesting Kombu seaweed

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Strong Arm Farms Seaweed - Kombu, Wakame, Nori, and Bladderwrack


Audio Interviews

  • Delicious Revolution Podcast
  • KSVY: “Sustainable Growing” –  Approximately 40 minute interview, all about seaweeds.  Interview starts at minute marker 6:27.
  • KRCB Interview – Santa Rosa’s local NPR affiliate, September 2013.  A 3 minute piece interview.

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Radiation Concerns?

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Strong Arm Farm has lab-tested our Sonoma Coast seaweed and detected NO radioactive isotopes from Fukushima! Find current information at Kelp Watch.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is also conducting research. Check out their updates.

Harvesting Seaweed