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Heidi Herrman

Heidi Herrmann

Heidi Herrmann

This is Heidi’s fifth year running the farm which originally began in 2009.   Scott and her are co-owner/operators  of Strong Arm Farm.  Heidi is a Sustainable Agriculture Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, where she teaches farming skills, such as crop planning, crop production, and direct marketing.  Heidi has an Ornamental Horticulture degree from Cal Poly University, with emphasis in pest management and nursery production.  She recently completed her Master’s at Sonoma State University, focusing on Experiential Agriculture Education.  She has worked internationally via a program called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOFing) . Most notably spending one farming season in the Netherlands at a large Biodynamic CSA /dairy farm.  Running Strong Arm Farm is truly a ‘practice what you preach’ instance for Heidi.

Heidi prefers to market her wares at farmer’s markets, and a few select restaurants.  “I enjoy the personal interaction with the actual ‘eater/enjoyer’ of my product. I get excited talking about the seaweeds I collect and sell, this builds credibility and trust with the shopper who may be taking a leap in purchasing a new dietary item.”  Heidi is a strong-armed woman producing a table-full of beautiful produce knowing that her motivation, enjoyment, and goal-setting has lead her to stand proudly at her table interacting with her community.

Scott Knippelmeir

Scott Knippelmeir

Scott Knippelmeir

Scott is the keen soil scientist; always researching new techniques and doing comparative trials.  He’s been farming the homestead site for 6 years, and has installed a lot of efficient infrastructures.  Originally from Nebraska, he’s been a Healdsburg resident for some time, and a steadfast vendor at the Healdsburg Saturday morning market.  Scott has a real love for peppers – hot ones. Luckily they grow quite well in the foothills south west of town.  The Honkey Donkey Haut Sauce is his invention and secret recipe.  Farming is his second career after earning a degree in music performance, and a storied history participating in a variety of salsa and funk bands.  You may see him playing the trombone, sometimes in the field, but more likely in Bay Area venues, with the band The Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

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    2015 Events:

    June 6: Ft. Ross Conservancy Seaweed Lecture and Foray

    July 12: Temescal Herb Fair, Oakland CA Booth

    Aug 1: Forage SF Seaweed Foray and Lecture

    Sept 9, 10, 11: Heirloom Expo, Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, CA Lecture on Seaweeds and booth

    Aug - Oct: Tuberose lilies smell up the air