Welcome to Strong Arm Farm

We are a Sustainable Farm located in Healdsburg, California

Strong Arm Farm is about 1.5 acres in Sonoma County selling seaweed, vegetables and flowers.  Sonoma Coast seaweed is a unique addition to our activities and wares.  Selling primarily at local outlets, we strengthen our local economy.

Knowing our customers personally, by providing their food and nutrition from a 100% local source, is satisfying and motivates us to offer our best to our community.  Founding farmer, Heidi Herrmann, infuses the farmer’s market table with fresh picked produce and fruit, seed packages, canned goods, colorful bouquets, healthful seaweeds, and potted plants.  Co-Farmer Scott Knippelmeir masters the soil preparation, nutrients, and irrigation while providing some much needed strong-arms to the operation.  We look forward to offering you freshly harvested delectables from this local foodshed.

We are in-process to become an Organic Farm

Preparing for Organic certification is a big deal at our farm.  Not only does it require meticulous record keeping, forms, fees, and annual inspections, we also must adhere to the high standards set by the National Organic Program.  Every seed planted is required to be certified organic.  All inputs (fertilizers, compost, insect controls, etc.) must also be approved for use on organic farms.  There are usually higher costs associated with the production of organic materials and inputs, this is reflected  in our farm expenses and required dedication to seek out such products.  We have chosen California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) as our certifying agency.  They have a proven track record since 1973 to excel in standards, customer resources, and political advocacy.


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    2015 Events:

    June 6: Ft. Ross Conservancy Seaweed Lecture and Foray

    Sept 9, 10, 11: Heirloom Expo, Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, CA Lecture on Seaweeds and booth

    TBA: Forage SF Seaweed Foray and Lecture

    TBA: Temescal Herb Fair, Oakland CA Booth

    Aug - Oct: Tuberose lilies smell up the air